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Plus. ai is a brand that specializes in providing driver assistance and autonomous driving solutions. They have built their offerings on an open autonomy technology platform with the aim of making transportation safer and greener.

Their range of products and services includes driver assist and autonomous driving technologies and solutions. Plus. ai envisions a smarter and safer future for transportation by leading the evolution and reimagining the way we move people and goods.

They have developed an open software platform that enables the integration of autonomous driving technology across different vehicle types and applications. At the core of Plus. ai's approach is their belief in the transformative power of autonomous driving technology.

They are committed to building AI-based, high-performance modular solutions that are both affordable and scalable. This commitment is reflected in their Open Autonomous Future initiative. Plus.

ai's solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with various hardware platforms, vehicle types, and levels of automation. Their autonomy software platform is purpose-built to be open and modular, enabling high-performance, safe, and affordable autonomous driving capabilities at scale. The Plus team comprises autonomous driving, machine learning, automotive, safety, and technology experts who are passionate about forging the future for autonomous vehicles.

They are constantly seeking uniquely talented professionals to join their dynamic and inclusive team. With a strong focus on safety, Plus. ai adheres to a safety-first approach in the development and application of autonomous driving technology.

They strive to make it easy for their partners to deploy broadly, ensuring widespread adoption of autonomous solutions. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Plus. ai also has offices in Fremont, California, and Munich, Germany.

They are driven by their mission to deliver safe and high-performing autonomous driving technology, both today and tomorrow


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