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Pohnpei Utilities Corporation (PUC) is a public corporation established in 1991, operating as an autonomous state enterprise. With a primary focus on promoting the development and enhancement of power facilities and services, PUC has made significant contributions to the economic growth of Pohnpei State over its 27-year history. In 1993, the corporation expanded its mandate to include the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Pohnpei State Central Water Supply System and Sewerage System.

PUC is managed by a seven-member board appointed by the Governor, and day-to-day operations are delegated to a General Manager/CEO. Dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, accessible, and cost-effective utility services, PUC plays a crucial role in improving and sustaining the quality of life in Pohnpei. The corporation aims to maximize renewable energy sources, reduce CO2 emissions, improve water quality, and be an environmental steward through its wastewater system.

Within the next five years, PUC aims to achieve various goals, including reducing financial losses, expanding power generation capacity, extending water services, installing pre-paid cash water meters, and increasing internal savings. Additionally, PUC plans to appraise tariffs for power, water, and wastewater services to fund sewer loans, operations, and service extensions. With these initiatives, PUC strives to minimize fuel usage and enhance the overall utility services in Pohnpei


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