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Poste Immo operates the Group’s real estate policy according to an ambitious sustainable commitment through its four activities.


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Poste Immo is a real estate subsidiary of La Poste, the national postal service of France. Founded in 2000, Poste Immo specializes in managing, developing, and optimizing the real estate assets of La Poste. It has its headquarters in Paris, France.

Poste Immo offers a range of products and services related to real estate, including acquisition and sales, development of new projects, property management, and renovation. The company manages a diverse portfolio of properties, including offices, warehouses, logistic centers, and retail spaces. It focuses on optimizing the value of these assets by establishing partnerships with other companies and identifying potential opportunities for development.

On a global scale, Poste Immo primarily operates within France, leveraging the extensive network and presence of La Poste throughout the country. It has a number of noteworthy subsidiaries and joint ventures, including Ad Valorem and TwentyTwo Real Estate Investments, which help to expand its capabilities and reach. Additionally, Poste Immo has collaborations with various public and private partners for joint projects and investments.

In terms of market position, Poste Immo has established itself as a major player in the real estate industry in France. It benefits from the vast real estate assets of La Poste and its strong market presence. While specific global sales figures are not readily available, it has secured several significant contracts and partnerships, demonstrating its strength and competitiveness in the market.

Poste Immo has undergone various changes and achievements over the years. It focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency in its real estate projects, incorporating environmentally friendly features and approaches. This commitment to sustainability has been recognized through several industry awards and certifications.

As of the latest information available, Poste Immo continues to expand its portfolio and strengthen its market position. It actively seeks new opportunities for development, while also ensuring optimal management of its existing properties. The company remains committed to its strategic objectives of value creation, sustainability, and partnerships.

In conclusion, Poste Immo is a prominent real estate subsidiary of La Poste, offering a wide range of services related to property management, development, and optimization. With a strong market position in France and a focus on sustainability, the company is actively growing and exploring new opportunities in the real estate industry


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