Die perfekte Kombination aus hochwertigen Zutaten und einzigartigem Geschmack! Keramiktöpfe, 100% natürliche Zutaten, vegan und glutenfrei, keine Geschmacksverstärker.


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Potluck. gewürzfreunde is a brand that has been producing honest, family-run, and sustainable spices in Hamburg since November 2021. Their main priority is to develop high-quality spices that will bring even more joy to your kitchen.

Explore their world of spices and discover their diverse range of products! Potluck offers stylish and heartwarming spice blends, combining excellent ingredients with a unique visual appeal. Their extensive spice assortment caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. All their spice blends are produced and packaged in Germany, vegan-friendly, free from flavor enhancers, and made from natural ingredients.

The brand's journey began with a shared cooking evening, where they questioned why spices couldn't be both flavorful and stylish. This led to the creation of Potluck, a spice brand that offers premium spices in beautiful ceramic pots, becoming a staple in every kitchen. These pots can be repurposed and given a second life, promoting sustainability.

In addition to their commitment to detail and aesthetics, Potluck also focuses on using vegan ingredients and reusable packaging. Browse their extensive selection of spices and herbs, including classics like Fleur de Sel and crushed pepper, as well as unique blends from around the world, such as Caribbean Spice. The ceramic pots in which their spices are sold were carefully chosen to protect the spices from sunlight and moisture, while also being eco-friendly.

Whether filled or empty, these pastel-colored pots are a stylish accessory in any kitchen and perfect for upcycling. Join Potluck and share how you repurpose their pots with the hashtag #potluckup. Moreover, Potluck uses cork to protect its high-quality spices and the environment.

Cork is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material that comes from the bark of trees, ensuring no trees are cut down in the process. It is a natural product and provides odor neutrality, unlike other closures that may involve chemicals. The brand encourages customers to reuse their pots as coffee cups, flower pots, or toothbrush holders, offering tips to easily remove the labels for maximum versatility.

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