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Sveriges största vårdkooperativ med landets nöjdaste patienter och medarbetare.


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Praktikertjänst AB is a leading healthcare provider based in Sweden. Founded in 1959, the company operates in the primary healthcare sector and offers a wide range of medical, dental, and specialist services. It has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Praktikertjänst AB provides comprehensive healthcare services through its extensive network of clinics and hospitals across Sweden. It owns and operates more than 400 healthcare centers, employing over 6,000 healthcare professionals. The company has subsidiaries including Praktikertjänst Specialister AB, which offers specialist medical care, and Praktikertjänst Närvård AB, which focuses on home healthcare services.

On a global scale, Praktikertjänst AB has expanded its operations through joint ventures and partnerships. It has collaborations with renowned international healthcare providers, sharing knowledge and expertise. In 2016, the company formed a joint venture with Bupa, a leading global healthcare group, to provide private healthcare services in Sweden.

This partnership has strengthened Praktikertjänst AB's position in the global market. Praktikertjänst AB is a market leader in Sweden, with a strong market position and high customer satisfaction. It is recognized for its high-quality healthcare services and patient-centered approach.

The company serves millions of patients each year and has a significant market share in both the public and private healthcare sectors. In terms of global sales, Praktikertjänst AB continues to grow and expand its footprint. It has made strategic acquisitions and investments to strengthen its position in the market.

For example, in 2019, the company acquired a majority stake in Capio AB, a leading European healthcare provider, further enhancing its market presence. In recent years, Praktikertjänst AB has also focused on digitalization and innovation. It has launched online healthcare services and mobile applications to improve accessibility and convenience for its patients.

As of the latest updates, Praktikertjänst AB continues to provide high-quality healthcare services to its patients in Sweden and internationally. With its strong market position, strategic partnerships, and focus on innovation, the company is well-positioned for further growth and success in the healthcare industry


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