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La primera aplicación en donde cobras dinero por responder esas consultas que, hasta hoy, hacías gratis


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Proapp is the first application that allows you to earn money for answering the consultations that you used to provide for free. It is a specialized chat labor app that values knowledge. With Proapp, you can respond to your clients or patients' queries and instantly charge your fees.

The app is directly downloaded to your phone and ensures confidentiality for both your contact number and the chat content. Each professional can determine the consultation fee based on the day and time. Payment is made immediately after the session, which you can end at your discretion, with no time limit.

Proapp is available in Argentina. This free application is easily downloaded to any mobile phone, enabling secure contact between individuals who want to ask or answer queries in a specific field or area of expertise. By recommending Proapp to your clients, they can download the app, register, and contact you through it, using your username.

The benefits of Proapp include privacy for your personal mobile number, the ability to charge fees for consultations, a clear separation between your professional and personal life, and improved communication and relationships with your clients or patients. Proapp can be utilized by professionals, licensed individuals, or anyone who receives work-related queries by message or email. Users are highly satisfied with Proapp, as it saves time, enhances privacy, and allows for monetizing expertise.

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