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Het CPI bedenkt, ontwikkelt, implementeert en beheert ICT-systemen voor een betere samenwerking in de publieke sector.


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Publieke Innovatie is a brand that specializes in designing, developing, implementing, and managing ICT systems to enhance collaboration in the public sector. They offer a range of initiatives and services aimed at improving communication and coordination among professionals working in various domains such as healthcare, social work, and safety. One of their key projects is MULTIsignaal, which connects professionals in the youth care sector from around 265 municipalities in the Netherlands through a digital referral index.

The purpose is to facilitate better engagement and communication between professionals for effective support and guidance. Another notable initiative is Sluitend Samenwerken 0 โ€“ 100 jaar (SluiS), a system that allows professionals in the fields of care, social work, and safety to indicate their involvement in assisting individuals across all age groups. This enables professionals to collaborate and provide the best possible guidance to individuals, children, and parents.

Additionally, Publieke Innovatie offers the Veilig Thuis Register, which helps safety organizations determine if individuals involved in a case have been previously flagged by another safety organization, without sharing any sensitive details of the cases. If you have any innovative ideas or initiatives related to public services, Publieke Innovatie welcomes collaboration and encourages you to get in touch with their team. For further information or inquiries, you can contact them Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00 at +31 187 64 0586 or visit their website


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