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Python dependency management and packaging made easy


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Brand: Poetry - Python Dependency Management and Packaging Poetry is a powerful tool designed to simplify dependency management and packaging in Python. Whether you're a developer or a Python enthusiast, Poetry provides a seamless experience for organizing and maintaining your project dependencies. With Poetry, you can easily configure your project through the config command or by editing the config.

toml file automatically generated upon the first run. The tool supports various platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Unix, following the XDG specification. Additionally, Poetry offers project-specific settings with the --local option, ensuring that your configurations are tailored to your needs.

You can list and display current configurations using the config command, enabling you to manage your settings effectively. Poetry also supports PyPI and private repositories, allowing you to discover and publish packages effortlessly. The tool promotes project environment isolation, ensuring seamless functionality independent of your global Python installation.

From version constraints to dependency groups and virtual environments, Poetry equips you with a comprehensive set of features for efficient Python development. Explore the flexibility and convenience of Poetry for your next project


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