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MEER GEMOEDSRUST EN MINDER ENERGIEVERBRUIK Qbus ontwikkelt hardware en software die de elektrische installatie van residentiële en commerciële gebouwen intelligent maakt.


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Qbus is a brand that develops intelligent hardware and software for the electrical installations of residential and commercial buildings. Their goal is to make buildings smarter, providing users with more peace of mind and reducing energy consumption. With their innovative products and services, Qbus enables you to manage your electricity usage efficiently.

One of their standout products is Luqas, the Smart Electricity Manager. With just one intelligent module, you can control all your major electricity consumers, such as heat pumps and chargers, based on information from the digital meter. Luqas even calculates your predicted quarter-hour peak and alerts you in advance, allowing you to take timely action and save on your energy bills.

Qbus offers various applications and solutions for both homes and projects. They provide Stand-Alone systems for easy and affordable entry-level automation, Full systems for comprehensive automation tailored to your needs, and Open systems for connecting your installation with other smart devices and systems. If you're passionate about sales, administration, software, or hardware, Qbus might be the perfect fit for you.

They offer exciting career opportunities with a vibrant work environment, friendly colleagues, happy hours, and even pizza! Discover Qbus and make your buildings smarter, more energy-efficient, and future-ready. Check out their website for more information on their products, solutions, and job openings


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