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Qiiro, services d'assistance juridique sans équivalent, vous permettant d'aborder sereinement toutes vos problématiques juridiques.


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QiiRO is a brand that offers unparalleled legal assistance services, allowing you to approach all your legal issues with peace of mind. With QiiRO, you get an augmented jurist by your side. We are pleased to announce that QiiRO is now opening its capital! Click here to learn more.

Our team of legal experts, based in Montpellier, accompanies both CSEs (Works Councils) and businesses on all their legal needs. For CSEs, we offer assistance with legal issues related to elected representatives (labor law, employment, etc. ), as well as support for employees (consumer law, family law, etc.

). We also provide mandatory and optional CSE training, meeting minutes, expert advice, and legal documents. For businesses, benefit from QiiRO's expertise to address all your legal requirements, including legal support for DUER, BDESE, social audits, legal documents, video consultations with attorneys, and debt recovery services.

At QiiRO, we prioritize expertise, placing our clients at the center of our attention to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. We continuously enhance our digital platform to simplify access to the law. Our Legal Design approach ensures clear and understandable legal language and a user-friendly experience.

Join the +1500 companies and 350 CSEs who trust us for their legal support. Our team of legal experts is available to assist you through phone, email, or chat. Contact us now with your legal queries


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