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Quality Pharma Medtech offers method and business support for good and safe drug use.


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Quality Pharma Medtech is an e-health company dedicated to improving the healthcare for elderly patients through better medication management. Founded in 2006 by Professor Johan Fastboms, their digital analysis system, Quantum Satis (QS), provides comprehensive support for healthcare providers in optimizing medication treatments for older individuals. QSsystem enables safer medication use by offering optimal support for prescription and analysis of medication treatments, resulting in improved health and quality of life for elderly patients.

It also significantly reduces healthcare costs by minimizing medication-related problems. This system simplifies medication reviews in nursing homes and facilitates collaboration between prescribing physicians and caregivers. With its automated report generation, QSsystem supports learning and follow-up by providing insights into the results of medication reviews.

Integration with existing electronic medical record systems further streamlines the process. QSsystem is utilized in both healthcare and elderly care settings, addressing the need for quality assurance in medication treatments for older individuals. Its international demand has led to its upcoming launch in Australia.

Overall, QSsystem benefits various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, leading officers, and policymakers, aiming to enhance medication treatments for elderly patients and achieve better health outcomes


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