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QTMA hires 12 Developers, 4 Product Manager, 4 Designers, 8 Business Analysts to complete our product teams.


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Queen's Technology and Media Association (QTMA) is Canada's premier product development club and tech incubator. They offer a range of products and services designed to tackle everyday student problems. Their four multi-disciplinary teams, consisting of eight students from Commerce, Computer Science, and Engineering, compete to build and launch the best software product.

QTMA's product teams have developed several exciting apps over the years, including Eagle, a delivery service companion, Pronto, offering convenient lending for everyone, Voluntera, a one-stop shop for social impact, Stocked, providing the best a fridge can get, Hungover, taking your pregame to the next level, Wob, offering the latest word on the street, and Studii, facilitating academic collaboration at your fingertips. In addition to their products, QTMA also offers various opportunities for their members. They provide product experience through team collaboration, preparing students for competitive roles in the tech industry.

They offer a mentorship program, matching members with professionals in the tech industry to gain valuable experience and expand their network. They also provide a summer bootcamp program to upskill their members and weekly workshops on design, engineering, product management, and business strategy. Aspiring members can join QTMA by applying for various positions, including co-chairs, developers, product managers, designers, business analysts, and other operating roles.

The organization follows a structured timeline that includes team formation, summer bootcamp and product ideation, product development, mentorship matches, and culminates in external product pitches judged by panels of experts. Many alumni have praised QTMA for the valuable experiences and skills they gained from their involvement. The organization has helped launch numerous careers in the tech industry across North America


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