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We are positioning and brand strategy experts, helping international B2B and Healthcare companies build strategic differentiation.


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Quadric | Copenhagen is a highly reputable and innovative brand that specializes in providing consulting services to international B2B and Healthcare companies. Founded in 2004 by Michael Sherain and Mark Ronan, Quadric aims to address the positioning and brand strategy needs of its clients. With their unique Quadricยฎ Framework, they help companies build strategic differentiation, leading to sustainable competitive advantage for all stakeholders.

What sets Quadric apart is their ability to achieve remarkable results quickly and efficiently, using fewer consultants than most. They combine strategic thinking with creativity and practicality to engage their clients and empower them to move forward with confidence. Quadric's approach has gained them a strong following of satisfied clients who often refer new business to them.

Quadric's team consists of experienced and talented individuals. Michael Sherain brings extensive international experience in global positioning and branding projects, and is known for his expertise in workshop facilitation and leadership team engagement. Mark Ronan excels in developing positioning and branding strategies, as well as managing complex projects with efficiency and effectiveness.

To ensure the highest quality output, Quadric utilizes a network model, pulling together teams of talented freelancers and sub-suppliers on a project-by-project basis. This approach allows them to bring together the most skilled professionals for each project, ensuring unbiased recommendations and the best possible outcome for their clients. Quadric's dedication to transparency and building strong relationships with their collaborators is notable.

They give credit to all those who contribute to their projects, fostering trust and commitment to delivering exceptional results. By choosing Quadric as your consulting partner, you can be confident that you are working with a respected brand that is committed to increasing the contribution of business to society


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