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Descubre qué alimentos puedes comer atendiendo a tus condiciones físicas y de salud.


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QuépuedoComer is a brand that aims to help individuals discover what foods they can consume based on their physical and health conditions. Taking care of our nutrition is of utmost importance, and QuépuedoComer understands this. They offer a blog on nutrition and food, providing valuable information on various topics.

From nutrition tips to recipes, QuépuedoComer covers it all. Their articles are informative and cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that readers gain knowledge and make informed decisions about their diet. Whether it's understanding the properties of different types of white meats or learning how to prepare them safely, QuépuedoComer has you covered.

They even offer recipes like the ultimate patatas bravas and provide guidance on what to eat before a colonoscopy or during diarrhea. In addition, QuépuedoComer explores the differences between olive oil and sunflower oil, and provides insights into why we should never wash chicken before cooking it. They also educate readers on the benefits of consuming foods rich in beta-carotene and the positive effects of eating crab.

With QuépuedoComer, individuals can easily access valuable information on nutrition and make better choices for their overall well-being


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