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Quiske on suomalainen soututekniikan mittauslaitteisto.


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Quiske is a Finnish brand specializing in rowing performance measurement devices. Whether you're on the water or using an erg, Quiske offers immediate feedback and precise analysis of your training sessions. With the Quiske app and Pod, you can improve your rowing technique by receiving instant feedback, allowing you to make each stroke better than the last.

The Pod is easy to install and can be used on both oars and the rowing seat, measuring the range of motion of your oar and the tightness of each stroke. Not only can you compare your technique to other rowers, but you can also track and analyze your performance in detail. Quiske works with traditional wooden boats as well as ergometers, making it a versatile tool for Finnish rowers.

Additionally, the virtual coach, Coutzi, provides real-time feedback to help you find the right rhythm and coordination. Installation takes less than a minute, and you can easily switch the device between rowers during practice. Furthermore, the data collected during your workout can be instantly uploaded to the cloud, allowing you to analyze it with your coach anywhere and anytime.

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