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Мы создали возможность обеспечить вкусным и здоровым питанием даже там, где ранее это было невозможно!


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Qummy Group is a brand that has revolutionized the way we think about food by providing delicious and healthy meals, even in locations where it was previously impossible. With their innovative approach to restaurant dining, Qummy Group has created a system called Brand Chef Solutions, which allows for the preparation of round-the-clock meals on just 2 square meters of space, without the need for hiring staff or incurring food costs. Their range of products and services caters to various sectors, including gas stations (AZS), transportation, Horeca, Dark stores, and more.

For corporate clients, hotels, cafes, bars, and restaurants, Qummy Group offers a significant boost to key performance indicators, including a 10-fold reduction in CAPEX for opening new points, easy staff training, simple food preparation, and a long shelf life of up to 180 days. They also provide the option to sell under their own trend or brand. Qummy Group prioritizes quality, speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

By eliminating the need to purchase ingredients, hire chefs, and maintain a kitchen, they increase net profit and offer menu items that are indistinguishable from those served in restaurants. With over 120 professionally crafted dishes, prepared with natural ingredients and without any artificial additives, customers can experience the true taste of restaurant-quality meals. To experience the Qummy Group's innovative food system firsthand, interested individuals and businesses can avail themselves of a free test run and explore the range of dishes.

Qummy Group has received recognition for its groundbreaking approach, with significant investments and positive reviews. Join the Qummy Group today and discover the future of food


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