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Freelancekonsulent Poul Qvist Christensen hjælper dig og din organisation med IT-udbud og -anskaffelser, contract management, implementering og projektledelse.


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Qvist Management, led by freelance consultant Poul Qvist Christensen, is here to assist you and your organization with a range of services. Specializing in IT procurement and acquisitions, contract management, implementation, and project management, Qvist Management offers a valuable resource to support your needs. With expertise in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ISO27001, they can contribute to the successful completion of your projects from start to finish.

Qvist Management takes a straightforward approach, ensuring that documents, processes, and procedures are not unnecessarily complicated. By maintaining a simple and clear structure, you and your organization can effectively utilize these resources during implementation and future operational improvements. Moreover, they have substantial experience in implementing contracts, including contract and vendor management, as well as technical project leadership.

When choosing a consultant for your procurement, GDPR, or information security projects, Qvist Management provides competent guidance and support throughout the entire process. Collaborating with them gives your employees the opportunity to receive expert advice, contributing to the development of methods, utilizing past experiences, and creating practical documents. Qvist Management prides itself on delivering high-quality services within the agreed timeframe, ensuring practical applicability for you and your organization.

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