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Qzoo is a website that invites you to participate in survey research by becoming a monitor. Registering as a monitor is free and incredibly easy. The points you accumulate by answering survey questions can be exchanged for cash or PeX points, making it perfect for earning extra pocket money.

Qzoo conducts surveys at the request of companies, organizations, and media outlets to gather opinions and information from their monitors. The data provided by the monitors is processed statistically and used to improve products, develop new ones, and create media content. In addition, survey results are often shared publicly through the media, contributing to society.

When you register on the site, you gain access to your dedicated My Page as a Qzoo monitor, where you can participate in surveys. After completing surveys, you earn points that can be exchanged for various goods, services, or cash, and you may also have the opportunity to try out the latest products and services for free. Qzoo takes the handling of personal information seriously and ensures it is managed securely.

Please note that there are certain conditions for monitor registration, such as age restrictions and the requirement for parental approval for those under middle school age. Qzoo strictly prohibits registration by market research companies and advertising agencies. To protect privacy, all pages related to personal information are SSL encrypted.

Please visit the Qzoo website for more information about their privacy policy, terms of service, recommended system requirements, and copyright. Qzoo - Making surveys fun!


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