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Raccoopack Media is a Canadian app developer of mobile apps, web apps, and serious games that engage your audience.


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Raccoopack Media is a Vancouver-based app development studio specializing in crafting custom mobile apps, web apps, and serious games that captivate and engage audiences. With a focus on gamification, they design award-winning apps that utilize fun and interactivity to motivate users and achieve goals. Founded in Vancouver, BC, Raccoopack Media proudly builds apps within Canada, employing a talented and diverse Canadian team.

At Raccoopack Media, they consider themselves a family, a pack, which includes their clients, partners, and team members. They prioritize trust, long-term shared success, and collaborative growth within this pack mentality. Their commitment goes beyond simply creating apps; they genuinely care about the business outcomes of their clients and will go the extra mile to ensure project success.

With a user-centric and agile approach, Raccoopack Media always starts by understanding the needs of their clients and their target audience. This methodology ensures that their products are not only innovative but also foster connections and stimulate conversations among users. Moreover, their creative roots in Raccoopack Studios, where they previously launched mobile games featured on the App Store top charts, have inspired them to harness the power of gamification and motivational design to create positive social impact through their work.

Raccoopack Media has a proven track record of delivering effective outcomes for organizations across various sectors, including health, education, and training. Their team consists of passionate professionals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives: - George Padua, the President and Pack Leader, leads the pack towards exciting app-ventures while forging new friendships along the way. - Nobel Siu, the Project Manager, not only builds momentum but also guides the team towards agile solutions for complex projects.

- Max Ahn, a Full Stack Developer, thrives on creating applications that simplify lives, even though his own sleep schedule can be a challenge. - Joanna Ho, another Full Stack Developer, readily engages in conversations about app development and enjoys sharing interesting facts about shrimp. - Yaqing Zhu, a Backend Developer, is the backbone of app development, working behind the scenes to ensure a strong foundation.

- Jonathan Holowka, a Unity Developer, breathes life into ideas by transforming them into cool games. He also has a fondness for drumming, dogs, pizza, and the paranormal. - Zach Bearinger, the Game Designer, not only designs games for the pack but also hosts The Raccoopod podcast, where he shares insights about gamification.

- Kathleen Hung, the UI/UX Designer, transforms wireframes into visually stunning branded interfaces. Fun fact: Kathleen doesn't have a favorite color and can explain why. - Raymond Xian, another UI/UX Designer, strives to turn imagination into reality by designing beautiful and accessible experiences.

- Ricky, the friendly Neighborhood Raccoon, embodies the cool essence of Raccoopack and might be spotted in the evening. If you want to witness the remarkable projects Raccoopack Media has delivered, you can explore their portfolio on their website. Trustworthy, resourceful, and driven by a mission to create positive social impact through educational, training, and entertaining apps, Raccoopack Media is your go-to partner in the world of app development


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