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A weather forecast company based in Russia.


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Ryazan Radio Factory, also known as AO Ryazan Radioszavod, is a modern and dynamic enterprise with a rich history spanning over 70 years. The factory's constant focus on development and its solid financial position enable it not only to expand its production but also to advance its technological capabilities. As a participant in the regional cluster for Electronic Instruments and Optoelectronics and the national project for Labor Productivity, Ryazan Radio Factory offers a wide range of high-quality products.

These products include communication devices, educational and training tools, command vehicles, and instrumental production. The factory is also renowned for its successful implementation of lean manufacturing practices for over 10 years. With 14 proprietary production secrets and 8 patented inventions, the factory continues to drive innovation.

Additionally, Ryazan Radio Factory provides various services, such as sheet metal processing, assembly and installation of printed circuit boards, galvanic production, and measurement equipment verification. The factory places great importance on its workforce and ensures occupational safety, while also displaying social responsibility. For more information, visit their website or contact them via phone or email


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