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Naša želja je da inspirišemo maštu, tako što kroz knjige pravimo heroje od dece, širimo njihova znanja i razvijamo ljubav prema knjizi.


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Radoznali vrabac is a brand that aims to inspire children's imagination and foster their love for books. They specialize in creating personalized books for children, where the child becomes the main character of the story. With a wide range of age-appropriate books, Radoznali vrabac offers unique and engaging stories that captivate the child's attention.

Their collection includes books such as Knjiga o meni (A Book About Me), a heartwarming story that shows how much parents love their baby, and Obično neobičan dan (Usually Unusual Day), where two characters turn ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. They also have books like Crveno-beli svet (Red and White World), where children can join their favorite basketball players in an exciting sports journey. Radoznali vrabac's personalized books not only entertain but also educate children.

The carefully chosen stories convey moral and educational messages, encouraging kids to dream big and develop important values. With high-quality printing and handcrafted hardcover bindings, Radoznali vrabac's books are a perfect gift for any occasion. Let your child become the hero of their own story with Radoznali vrabac's personalized books


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