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Reach A Hand Uganda is a youth led non-profit organization focused on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.


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Reach A Hand Uganda is a youth-led non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering young people in Uganda. Their focus is on various aspects of youth development, including Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, Livelihoods & Skills Development, and Behavior Change Communication. Recognizing the need for accurate information, Reach A Hand Uganda aims to ensure that every young person in Uganda can access the necessary resources to make informed decisions regarding their livelihoods, skills development, behavior change, and sexual reproductive health and rights.

The organization's efforts are crucial, given the statistics: Uganda has a youth population of 7. 3 million aged between 15 and 24, with 4. 5 million unemployed.

Additionally, 32. 9% of the country's population falls within the age range of 10 to 24, and 25% of adolescents have already become parents. Sadly, only 5% of health centers in Uganda provide Youth Friendly Sexual Reproductive Health Services, resulting in 63% of young people being dissatisfied with the services they receive.

Additionally, limited access to contraception means that only 14% of teenage girls aged 15 to 19 use a contraceptive method. Furthermore, 27% of adolescents in rural areas are childbearing. Reach A Hand Uganda understands the urgency of addressing these issues and strives to make a positive impact by empowering youth to navigate these challenges successfully.

They offer a range of empowerment programs, events, and resources to ensure that young people have the necessary support and information to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Through their work, Reach A Hand Uganda aims to create a society where young people are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to make informed decisions about their lives, while also promoting the importance of sexual reproductive health and rights


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