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Riders for Health Liberia is a renowned brand that is dedicated to enabling access to healthcare for those in remote areas through dependable transportation. They offer a wide range of products and services aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases to prevent epidemics and enhance overall well-being. One of their notable achievements was the establishment of a national sample transport system in Liberia, which significantly reduced the time for case interventions through rapid specimen diagnostics.

Riders for Health Liberia played a crucial role in transporting Ebola specimens from various health facilities and laboratories across the 15 counties of Liberia. Their efficient network ensured timely delivery of samples to testing centers, even as the testing capacity evolved over time. Additionally, they managed a national fleet of vehicles, including ambulances, motorcycles, and sample courier motorcycles, supporting the Ministry of Health's efforts in providing emergency medical services.

The brand also focused on capacity building, constructing maintenance hubs and training over 400 local staff members in management, technical skills, road safety, and preventive maintenance. By employing qualified individuals with oversight from international experts, Riders for Health Liberia creates a unique south-to-south learning opportunity. With a strong operational and financial capacity, the brand has successfully managed multimillion dollar grants and transported a significant number of samples, including a substantial volume of COVID-19 samples during the pandemic.

Their dedication to improving healthcare accessibility and their expertise in transportation make Riders for Health Liberia a trusted partner in the healthcare industry


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