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Разработка и внедрение программного обеспечения для аэропортов, авиакомпаний и агентств по продаже перевозок.


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RIVC-Pulkovo, also known as the Regional Information and Computing Center Pulkovo, is one of the oldest organizations in our country specializing in aviation automation processes. Starting its operations in 1975, RIVC-Pulkovo has evolved from a traditional computing center serving a limited number of regional aviation companies to a modern and dynamic IT company providing a wide range of services in aviation automation for both Russian and international civil aviation enterprises. RIVC-Pulkovo has always aimed to diversify its functional areas, expanding its clientele and increasing the number of partners over the years.

This has resulted in innovative advancements in their software products for airports, airlines, and travel agencies. With a vast number of clients spread across Russia and beyond, RIVC-Pulkovo's round-the-clock support line plays a vital role in providing users with the necessary assistance during emergencies and non-standard situations. Additionally, RIVC-Pulkovo ensures the smooth operation of its own Data Processing Center (DPC), equipped with state-of-the-art technical solutions for data processing, storage, protection, and uninterrupted power supply.

Recognized as one of the top 10 largest IT providers for civil aviation, RIVC-Pulkovo's commitment to excellence has earned them industry recognition and awards, including the prestigious Industry Leader 2014 status. Partnering with RIVC-Pulkovo provides airports, airlines, and agencies with efficient and transparent tools for collaboration. The client portal, RIVC-Connect, offers streamlined access to instructions, requests, incidents, releases, and more.

In conclusion, RIVC-Pulkovo stands as a reputable and experienced IT company, delivering comprehensive solutions in aviation automation and providing top-notch support to clients across Russia and neighboring countries


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