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Brand: Rogers Behavioral Health Rogers Behavioral Health is a trusted provider of comprehensive mental health treatment and support services. With a focus on helping individuals heal and transform their lives, Rogers offers a wide range of programs to address various mental health conditions. Their program directory includes specialized care for OCD and Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Depression and other Mood Disorders, Addiction, Trauma Recovery (PTSD), and Emotional Dysregulation.

Rogers provides both residential and outpatient care, ensuring that individuals receive the level of support that suits their needs. The team of experienced medical professionals at Rogers is dedicated to delivering personalized care and utilizing evidence-based therapeutic approaches. They are committed to achieving positive outcomes for their patients, providing hope and guidance every step of the way.

Rogers Behavioral Health has multiple locations across the United States, including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin. By choosing Rogers, individuals and their families can access the highest quality mental health care to support their journey towards recovery


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