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АКГ РосФинАудит - оказание аудиторских услуг, проведение семинаров для бухгалтеров, консультации по бухгалтерскому учету, налогообложению и управленческому учету, налоговые споры.


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RosFinAudit is a reputable audit and consulting company that has been operating since 2002. With a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of audit and consulting, the company offers a range of professional services. Their main areas of expertise include: 1.

Audit Services: They provide comprehensive audit services for organizations of all types and ownership forms, ensuring compliance with audit standards. They also have another company, ООО РФАудит, dedicated to providing audit services. 2.

Seminars: RosFinAudit conducts informative seminars and consultations for managers, chief accountants, and auditors. These seminars cover the latest changes in tax and civil legislation and address complex issues in accounting and taxation. 3.

Consulting: They offer personalized consulting services in the areas of accounting, taxation, financial and tax reporting, and management accounting. They also assist foreign companies and individuals in setting up businesses in Russia. RosFinAudit is committed to delivering services of the highest quality in the shortest possible time, thanks to the expertise and extensive experience of their specialists.

They provide discounts and bonuses to their regular and large-scale clients, and their services are delivered by certified auditors at a time convenient for the client. Contact them today to benefit from their expertise and minimize your tax penalties


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