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Rostelecom provides integrated telecom solutions such as fixed-line telephone services, data, broadband internet access and PayTV services.


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Rostelecom is the leading telecommunications company in Russia and one of the largest national telecom operators in Europe. It provides a wide range of telecommunications services, including digital TV, broadband internet, fixed-line and mobile telephony, data transmission, and cloud solutions. Established in 1993, Rostelecom was initially the state-owned long-distance and international telephony provider in Russia.

Over time, it has grown through mergers and acquisitions, becoming a fully integrated telecommunications company. The company’s headquarters are located in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. Rostelecom operates on a global scale, serving individuals, businesses, and government institutions.

It has a vast network infrastructure that covers the entire country, ensuring connectivity to even remote regions. The company boasts a vast customer base and operates through several subsidiaries, including RT Labs, which focuses on the Internet of Things, and B2B Center, an electronic marketplace platform. In terms of market position, Rostelecom is a dominant player in the Russian telecommunications industry.

It has significant market share and is known for its extensive experience and technological advancements. The company faces competition from other major players in the industry, such as MTS and MegaFon. Over the years, Rostelecom has made significant achievements and changes to drive its growth.

One notable event was the launch of its 4G mobile network in 2014, providing high-speed internet access to its customers. Additionally, Rostelecom has expanded its services into the digital TV and cloud computing sectors, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers. As of the latest updates, Rostelecom continues to invest in the development of advanced technologies and infrastructure, focusing on expanding its customer base and improving service quality.

The company is actively involved in digitalizing Russia's regions and providing modern telecommunications services to both urban and rural areas. Additionally, Rostelecom is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, promoting digital literacy and supporting education programs. In conclusion, Rostelecom is a prominent telecommunications company in Russia, offering a comprehensive range of services.

With its strong market position, significant achievements, and continuous efforts towards innovation, Rostelecom remains a key player in the industry, driving the advancement of telecommunications in Russia


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