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Revitalize Milwaukee | Milwaukee WI

Revitalize Milwaukee provides free, critical home repairs and comprehensive services to low-income seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.


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Revitalize Milwaukee is a nonprofit organization with a mission to transform communities in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties by providing free home repairs and comprehensive services to low-income veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities. As the largest provider of home repairs to eligible homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin, Revitalize Milwaukee plays a crucial role in reducing social, economic, and environmental disparities. By offering free services, they directly impact individuals and families and promote economic stability by allowing long-term homeowners to remain in their homes.

Their services help stabilize neighborhoods and contribute to the local tax base. With an annual budget of over $3 million, Revitalize Milwaukee employs 18+ licensed and insured minority contractors, providing sustainable wages and supporting the local economy. They leverage each dollar received approximately 4:1, resulting in a total reinvestment of $22 million back into the community.

This impactful organization relies on private sources for over 97% of its funding. Revitalize Milwaukee is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, recognizing the historical and existing systems that create inequity. They strive to make changes, confront obstacles, and promote social justice for all.

To get involved or learn more about Revitalize Milwaukee, visit their website or contact their office


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