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De RVA is een openbare instelling van sociale zekerheid en past het stelsel van de werkloosheidsverzekering en een aantal tewerkstellingsmaatregelen toe.


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ONEM RVA, also known as Office National de l'Emploi/ Rijksdienst voor Arbeidsvoorziening, is the national employment agency of Belgium. Established in 2001, ONEM RVA is responsible for managing unemployment benefits, matching jobseekers with employment opportunities, providing career guidance, and overseeing labor market policies in the country. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, ONEM RVA operates through its extensive network of regional offices located throughout the country.

These offices are strategically placed to ensure convenient accessibility for both jobseekers and employers. ONEM RVA offers a wide range of products and services to cater to the needs of the labor market. These include unemployment benefits management, job placement services, vocational training programs, and various forms of support for individuals seeking employment.

The agency also provides information and statistics relating to employment trends and labor market developments. On a global scale, ONEM RVA primarily focuses on serving the Belgian population. As the national employment agency, its services directly impact the employment landscape within Belgium.

While there are no notable subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships associated with ONEM RVA outside of Belgium, the agency collaborates with various stakeholders, such as employers, trade unions, and other government bodies, to promote labor market integration and economic development. In terms of market position, ONEM RVA holds a crucial role as the leading authority responsible for employment policies and ensuring the welfare of jobseekers and the workforce. Its services are essential in assisting individuals in finding employment and managing unemployment benefits.

Furthermore, the agency contributes to shaping labor market regulations and strategies in Belgium. In recent years, ONEM RVA has been actively focusing on digitalization to optimize its service delivery and facilitate better interaction with jobseekers and employers. The agency has implemented online platforms and tools to streamline administrative processes, provide personalized guidance, and enhance job matching capabilities.

Overall, ONEM RVA remains an integral part of the Belgian labor market, constantly adapting to evolving needs and challenges. Its commitment to effective employment policies and services continues to play a vital role in supporting jobseekers and contributing to the overall economic growth of Belgium


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