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Rail Engineering Centre and Siemens Mobility to cooperate on development of high-speed electric trains.


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Russian Railways, also known as RZD, is the national railway company of the Russian Federation. Founded in 2003 as a successor to the Ministry of Railways, it is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Russian Railways operates an extensive network of railway lines in Russia, covering over 85,500 kilometers.

It connects various cities and regions across the country, providing both passenger and freight services. The company offers a range of products and services, including high-speed trains, regular passenger trains, cargo transportation, and railway infrastructure maintenance. On a global scale, Russian Railways plays a significant role in international railway projects.

It operates the Trans-Siberian Railway, connecting Russia with China and extending to Europe. The company also has partnerships and joint ventures with railway companies in neighboring countries, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Noteworthy subsidiaries of Russian Railways include Freight One, a freight transport and logistics company, and Federal Passenger Company, which operates long-distance passenger trains.

Russian Railways holds a strong market position, being the largest railway company in Russia and one of the largest globally. It has a significant market share in both passenger and freight transportation sectors. In terms of global sales, the company has seen steady growth over the years, with increasing revenue and a strong reputation for efficiency and reliability.

In recent years, Russian Railways has made notable achievements and undergone changes to drive its growth. It has focused on modernizing its fleet of trains, introducing new high-speed trains and improving customer experience. The company has also invested in infrastructure development, upgrading tracks and stations to enhance safety and efficiency.

As for the company's current status, the latest updates highlight the ongoing efforts of Russian Railways to expand its international presence. It has initiated various strategic partnerships and joint projects with railway companies in Asia and Europe, aiming to strengthen connectivity and enhance transportation routes. Additionally, Russian Railways continues to invest in digitalization and innovative technologies to improve operations and ensure sustainable growth.

In conclusion, Russian Railways is a prominent and influential railway company in the Russian Federation. With its extensive network, diverse range of services, and strong market position, the company plays a vital role in domestic and international transportation. Through its strategic initiatives and commitment to innovation, Russian Railways remains at the forefront of the railway industry in the region


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