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Sahar Heumesser is a creative dreamer and a freelance graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. With a passion for crafting sustainable and distinctive designs, Sahar specializes in Visual Identity, UI Design, and SPD. Her approach to bespoke design projects is to create unique, beautiful, and functional designs that are based on her client's visions and the project's requirements.

Sahar genuinely cares for her clients and the projects she takes on, working with both big and small businesses. She also collaborates with other designers. Whether you're a new business looking for a visual identity, an established company in need of a fresh new look, or an art director interested in licensing her work, Sahar offers a wide range of graphic design services to help you present your product/brand through thoughtful and authentic designs that inspire and connect.

You can reach out to Sahar via email at studio@sahar. design to discuss a project or simply say hi. You can also explore her blog, portfolio, or online shops to get a glimpse of her incredible work.

Additionally, Sahar offers a Skillshare class for illustrators, pattern designers, hand lettering artists, and hobbyists of all skill levels. Stay connected with Sahar by signing up for her monthly newsletter to receive updates on new posts, projects, and freebies


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