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Sandd is a company based in the Netherlands that specializes in postal and parcel services. History: Sandd was founded in 1999 as a private postal operator in the Netherlands. It started as a small company and gradually expanded its operations by acquiring smaller postal service providers.

In 2011, Sandd became the second-largest postal provider in the Netherlands. Headquarters: The company's headquarters are located in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The modern and spacious facility houses the management team, administrative staff, and customer service representatives.

Products and Services: Sandd offers a range of services, including mail delivery, direct mail, and e-commerce solutions. They provide reliable and cost-effective postal and parcel delivery services to businesses and individuals in the Netherlands. Their direct mail services are particularly popular among companies for targeted advertising campaigns.

Global Operations: Sandd primarily operates within the Netherlands and focuses on providing domestic postal services. However, the company does not have any known subsidiaries or joint ventures outside of the Netherlands. Market Position: Sandd has established itself as a significant player in the Dutch postal market.

While it is the second-largest postal provider in the country, it faces stiff competition from its larger competitor, PostNL. PostNL holds the majority market share and is considered the industry leader. Events and Achievements: In recent years, Sandd has implemented various strategies to strengthen its market position.

In 2019, it merged with Postcon, a German postal service provider, to expand its reach and improve its competitiveness. This partnership allowed Sandd to tap into the German postal market. Current Status: In February 2020, Sandd was acquired by PostNL, thereby merging the two largest postal providers in the Netherlands.

This acquisition significantly impacted the Dutch postal market, resulting in a stronger market position for PostNL. As a result, Sandd ceased to exist as an independent company, and its operations were integrated into PostNL. In conclusion, Sandd was a leading private postal operator in the Netherlands until it was acquired by PostNL.

The company offered postal and parcel services, with a focus on domestic operations. Despite its strong presence in the Dutch market, it faced fierce competition from PostNL. The 2020 acquisition by PostNL led to the disappearance of the Sandd brand and consolidated PostNL's market dominance


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