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Sarmady is a leading digital publishing and marketing company based in Egypt. Established in 2001, Sarmady has been at the forefront of creating unique and trusted content for the region. Their expertise lies in helping brands, non-profits, and start-ups connect with their target audiences on various platforms, including web and mobile.

As a full-fledged digital media house, Sarmady offers a wide range of services and portals. From news, sports, and entertainment to city guides and directory services, they provide a one-stop-shop for users seeking quality digital content. Whether accessed through the web, mobile-internet, mobile applications, SMS, or voice, Sarmady ensures a seamless and engaging user experience.

With top-ranked portals such as FilGoal. com, Reyada. com, and Akhbarak.

net, Sarmady has established a dominant presence in the market. They have also worked with renowned publishers to design and develop their websites, exemplifying their expertise in content management systems. Sarmady's commitment to ethics and reputation has garnered them a loyal user base and esteemed clients.

Their partnerships extend to entities like Microsoft, STC, Fatafeat, and the Egyptian Government. Furthermore, Sarmady offers comprehensive digital advertising services, including customized campaigns, SMS services, and advertising across various platforms. Despite being acquired by Vodafone Egypt, Sarmady continues to operate autonomously with direct agreements with other Egyptian telecom operators.

They invite businesses in Egypt and the region to explore potential cooperation areas and benefit from their exceptional services. Contact Sarmady today to witness the power of digital innovation


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