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SAS is Scandinavia’s leading airline and has an attractive offering to frequent travelers.


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SAS, short for Scandinavian Airlines System, is an airline based in Sweden. It was founded in 1946 as a consortium between three Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The airline's headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

SAS offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of both leisure and business travelers. It operates a comprehensive network of routes, connecting various destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia. The airline provides both domestic and international flights, including long-haul journeys to popular destinations.

On a global scale, SAS has established numerous subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships to enhance its operations. Some of its notable subsidiaries include SAS Cargo Group, SAS Ground Handling, and SAS Technical Services. The airline also has joint ventures with other carriers like Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, allowing it to expand its reach and provide customers with more travel options.

In terms of market position, SAS is one of the leading airlines in the Scandinavian region. It competes with both traditional carriers and low-cost airlines in the international market. The airline has successfully carved out a niche for itself by offering a high level of service coupled with competitive pricing.

Over the years, SAS has undergone several significant events and changes to strengthen its brand and align with market trends. In 2012, the airline embarked on a comprehensive restructuring program to improve its financial performance. It involved reducing costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and modernizing the fleet.

These efforts have helped SAS achieve positive results and maintain its position in the highly competitive industry. Currently, SAS is focused on sustainable travel and initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. The airline has introduced biofuel-powered flights and has set ambitious environmental targets for reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Additionally, SAS has invested in modernizing its fleet with new aircraft to further enhance the travel experience for its customers. In summary, SAS is a well-established Scandinavian airline with a strong market presence. With its diverse range of products and services, global operations, and focus on sustainability, the airline continues to be a key player in the aviation industry


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