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The National Scleroderma Foundation is a leading organization dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, and advancing medical research for people affected by scleroderma, a rare rheumatic disease. With a mission to improve lives and find a cure, the Foundation offers a range of resources, programs, and services. Understanding Scleroderma: The Foundation provides comprehensive information about scleroderma, including its forms, symptoms, and diagnosis.

Patients and caregivers can access educational materials, support groups, and pediatric resources. Treating Scleroderma: The Foundation helps patients build their treatment team, find local treatment centers, and explore clinical trials. They also stay updated with the latest research news and advancements in pediatric treatment.

Living Well with Scleroderma: Through patient and caregiver education, local programs, and virtual university, the Foundation supports individuals in living well with scleroderma. They also offer resources for children affected by the disease. Advancing Research and Treatment: The Foundation is committed to funding medical research, offering grants, and promoting patient engagement.

Through mentor programs and continuing education, they contribute to the progress of scleroderma research and treatment. Get Involved: Individuals can make an impact by donating, fundraising, or becoming a member. The Foundation also encourages advocacy and provides resources for raising awareness.

By participating in their Let's Talk About Scleroderma campaign, the Foundation aims to increase awareness, support, and education for the scleroderma community. Join them in their efforts to improve the lives of those affected by this life-threatening disease


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