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U.S. Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency and offers secret services.


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The U. S. Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Established in 1865, its primary mission was to combat counterfeiting of U. S. Over time, the agency's responsibilities expanded to include protecting the President, Vice President, and other high-level officials, as well as investigating financial crimes, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, and computer fraud.

Headquartered in Washington, D. C., the U. S.

Secret Service operates more than 150 field offices throughout the United States and maintains international offices in various countries. These offices collaborate with foreign law enforcement agencies to combat financial crimes and protect U. S.

The agency's notable international office is the International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center (IOC-2C), where it works alongside international partners to address transnational criminal activities. While the U. S.

Secret Service focuses primarily on its core responsibilities of protecting the U. S. President and investigating financial crimes, it also conducts specialized training programs for law enforcement agencies around the world.

These programs aim to enhance global capabilities in combating transnational financial crimes. As a federal agency, the U. S.

Secret Service does not engage in traditional market activities, and its role is not determined by sales or competition. Instead, it operates within the framework of national security and law enforcement. The agency's prominence and reputation stem from its crucial role in protecting the President and maintaining the integrity of U.

S. Key events in the agency's history include the successful protection of numerous U. S.

The U. S. Secret Service's reputation as a highly skilled law enforcement agency has led to increased cooperation with other federal agencies and international partners.

As of the latest information available, the U. S. Secret Service continues to fulfill its mission of protecting national leaders, investigating financial crimes, and training law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Its dedication to innovation, collaboration, and adaptability ensures that it remains at the forefront of law enforcement in the United States and globally


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