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En Sodimac Homecenter, encuentra todo lo necesario para tus proyectos de hogar: Muebles, Decoración, Herramientas, Ferretería, Construcción y mucho más


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Falabella Ayuda CL is a social initiative launched by Falabella, one of the largest retail companies in Chile. Falabella Ayuda CL aims to support the community through various assistance programs and initiatives. Falabella is a Chilean multinational company founded in 1889 by Salvatore Falabella.

Initially, it started as a tailor shop in Santiago and steadily expanded its operations to become one of the biggest retail companies in Latin America. The company's headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile. The main products and services offered by Falabella Ayuda CL include social programs focused on education, health, and environmental sustainability.

It provides scholarships and educational support to underprivileged students, offers medical attention and assistance to those in need, and promotes sustainable initiatives such as recycling and energy efficiency. On a global scale, Falabella has established a strong presence throughout Latin America, with subsidiaries in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay. It has also formed joint ventures with international companies like Sodimac, Tottus, and Mall Plaza, further expanding its reach.

In terms of market position, Falabella is a dominant player in the retail industry, particularly in Latin America. It has achieved significant global sales, positioning itself as one of the largest retail chains in the region. Its competitors include other major retail companies like Cencosud and Walmart.

One noteworthy event in the company's history was its entrance into the e-commerce market. Falabella successfully adapted to the digital era and launched an online platform to cater to the growing demand for online shopping. This shift in strategy has contributed to the company's growth and increased its competitiveness in the global market.

As of the latest information available, Falabella Ayuda CL continues to actively support various social causes and contribute to the well-being of the community. The company remains committed to its mission of making a positive impact on society through its assistance programs and initiatives


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