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Spoxies (Spontaneous proximity invites) is a pioneering brand at the forefront of an innovative social revolution. Our mission is to seamlessly blend physical locations with cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology, using OpenSource solutions and NGI technologies. Unlike traditional social media platforms, we believe that online presence should be a means to an end, rather than a goal in itself.

We challenge the negative outcomes associated with social media, such as mental health problems. By enabling users to broadcast location-based questions and announcements, and projecting them in the augmented world (XR), we aim to shrink both literal and social distances, fostering genuine connections. Our platform facilitates engaging with like-minded individuals or friends near your physical area, promoting real-life interactions and countering social polarization.

We empower our users by extending their senses through practical, human-centric experiences. Spoxies offers innovative approaches to encourage active, healthy engagements, creating unique opportunities and experiences. We challenge traditional social media, bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds, reintroducing the social aspect to social media.

We provide a fresh and authentic alternative that revolutionizes the market. Additionally, we offer unique marketing solutions for both local and global businesses, based on a level-playing-field philosophy. Our platform adheres to the highest EU standards of user privacy and decentralization, going beyond GDPR requirements.

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