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Stichting Stimular helpt bedrijven en organisaties om de bedrijfsvoering te verduurzamen.


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Green Business Club Rotterdam Alexander is a renowned brand that has developed a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality in their commercial real estate located in the Rotterdam Alexander city center. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the brand collaborated with Stimular, an organization that conducted preparatory research for the project. The launch of this roadmap aims to serve as a blueprint for similar city center areas that encompass offices and retail spaces.

With a target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, the project group called Energy, formed by Green Business Club Rotterdam Alexander, aspired to create an actionable plan. By conducting an Energy Potential Scan and investigating possible measures, they laid the foundation for the roadmap. During the stakeholder research, various interested parties were identified, including property owners, property managers, and end-users.

Although many properties had already undergone sustainable refurbishments, there remained a lack of sustainable energy generation within the buildings. However, the majority of properties were connected to district heating and the aim is to make the district heating network carbon neutral by 2035. Notably, many end-users expressed aspirations for sustainability but had not yet established concrete targets.

Given the presence of numerous high-rise office buildings, it is challenging for the area to generate all the required electricity solely through solar panels installed on rooftops or facades. Solutions beyond the buildings had to be sought, such as purchasing "genuine green electricity. " Nevertheless, the Green Business Club has the intention to find sustainable solutions within the area as much as possible.

Solutions like solar carports and solar energy along infrastructure could enable the area to generate approximately 75% of its energy needs. The preliminary research provided valuable insights into the stakeholders' needs and enabled the project group to create a comprehensive roadmap and implementation agenda. For those interested in sustainable entrepreneurship and business, Green Business Club Rotterdam Alexander offers a plethora of resources, tools, and services to facilitate their journey towards sustainability.

By partnering with Stimular, companies and organizations can benefit from their expertise and support in achieving their sustainability goals


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