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Strongim Bisnis is Australia's economic development program in Solomon Islands, that partners with the private sector and Solomon Islands Government to drive lasting business growth.


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With a focus on collaboration and partnership, we strive to create opportunities for Solomon Islanders by supporting the development of key sectors and promoting sustainable business practices. Our financial services program aims to improve access to financial products for Solomon Islanders, particularly in the provinces. Through working with regulatory authorities and banks, we facilitate the availability of financial services that empower individuals and communities.

In the cocoa industry, we promote increased production and exports of value-added cocoa products, leading to higher incomes and job creation. Similarly, we support the growth of the coconut industry by diversifying product ranges and implementing marketing strategies to ensure sustainability and resilience for businesses involved. Our efforts in tourism focus on enhancing demand-driven and sustainable tourism, benefiting both businesses and local communities.

We aim to improve profitability and create employment opportunities through leisure tourism. Strongim Bisnis is committed to enhancing gender equity and expanding opportunities for women in the market. We strive to create an enabling environment for women to create, obtain, and excel in job roles throughout various sectors.

Recognizing the challenges faced by youth and those with disabilities, we are dedicated to addressing their vulnerability and including them in the economy. By tackling barriers and providing support, we aim to empower young men and women, ensuring their active participation in economic activities. Additionally, we work towards sustainably managing timber resources and increasing income and employment through value-added processing.

Our horticulture program focuses on improving revenue generation for farming businesses and produce suppliers, ultimately benefiting the local economy. Finally, we collaborate with Solomon Islands businesses and the government to improve waste management practices and increase recycling, promoting a cleaner environment and sustainable business operations. Strongim Bisnis is your partner in driving economic growth, fostering sustainability, and empowering individuals and communities in the Solomon Islands.

Together, we can build a prosperous future for all


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