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Swedbank interneto banke visas reikalingas finansines paslaugas gausite greitai, patikimai ir jums patogiu metu.


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Swedbank Lietuvoje, also known as Swedbank Lithuania, is a subsidiary of Swedbank AB, a Swedish banking group. It was established in 1991 after the reorganization of the Banko Skaicius cooperative bank. The headquarters of Swedbank Lietuvoje are located in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city.

Swedbank Lietuvoje offers a wide range of banking products and services to both private and corporate customers. These include deposits, loans, credit cards, investment products, insurance, and various payment services. The bank also provides corporate banking solutions such as cash management, trade finance, and financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

On a global scale, Swedbank, including its subsidiary Swedbank Lietuvoje, operates primarily in Northern Europe, with a strong presence in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The company has more than 7 million private customers and around 600,000 corporate customers. Swedbank's notable subsidiaries include Swedbank Robur, a fund management company, and the Baltic banking operations.

Swedbank is one of the largest banks in the Baltic region and holds a significant market share in Lithuania. It is known for its strong position in retail banking, with a focus on customer satisfaction and digital solutions. In terms of global sales, Swedbank has consistently demonstrated stable growth and profitability.

Swedbank has seen several noteworthy events and achievements throughout its history. In 2019, the bank launched a new customer strategy aimed at further enhancing the digital customer experience. The strategy includes investments in digital channels and data analytics to meet evolving customer needs.

Additionally, Swedbank has been actively involved in sustainability initiatives, aiming to promote responsible banking practices and support the transition to a sustainable society. As of the latest updates, Swedbank Lietuvoje continues to expand its digital offerings and enhance its customer experience. The bank remains a key player in the Lithuanian banking sector and strives to maintain its position through innovation and a customer-focused approach


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