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SYNCSENSE® is an award-winning digital training technology that transforms boring exercise equipment into meaningful natural experiences, making exercise fun and motivating for older adults and people with disabilities. Our VR solution is an evidence-based tool used by therapists and caregivers in hospitals and municipalities across the country to support care and rehabilitation efforts in a new and innovative way. The goal is to reduce institutional and hospital-related complications associated with bed rest, low physical activity, and aging.

With lifelike virtual adventures in nature, our VR solution breathes new life into dull and underutilized exercise equipment. It boosts motivation for exercise, retention of training, and even enables self-training, contributing to increased joy and quality of life for a vulnerable and overlooked demographic. SYNCSENSE® VR solution enhances quality of life, as documented in a clinical study.

It also frees up personnel resources and saves money. Our ambition is to increase individuals' overall physical activity levels by 30 minutes per day through VR-based nature training, improving their well-being. Furthermore, our VR solution simulates the effects of nature and can potentially reduce hospitalization time by up to 20%.

With over 30 customers, 500 trained healthcare professionals, and 37,000 VR training sessions completed, we have become the largest VR-based digital training technology for healthcare in Denmark and likely in Europe. We are the only company in the world to combine exercise equipment with easy-to-use VR technology, designed to support care and rehabilitation efforts for individuals whose health deteriorates due to physical inactivity and social isolation. Thousands of patients and individuals now have access to VR training and virtual nature experiences while they are admitted to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, temporary rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, residential facilities, and neurorehabilitation centers.

Our mission is to develop and offer evidence-based VR therapy to prevent and treat institutional and hospital-related complications resulting from bed rest, low physical activity, and aging. We strive to bring motivating training and healing nature to individuals who are restricted due to illness, thereby improving the lives of society's most vulnerable and inactive seniors and people with disabilities, as well as their families and healthcare professionals. Our vision is to promote physical activity and nature in healthcare and bring it to those who need it most.

With our humble contributions, we aim to address both individual and global health issues associated with physical inactivity. SYNCSENSE® has been recognized with several awards, including the Johnson & Johnson Innovation prize in the NAM Health Longevity QuickFire Challenge. Our VR solution is effective yet simple to use and has won OUH's Innovations Award, NHL's Impact Award, and is a finalist at the Danish Design Award.

We assist in solving the United Nations' third Sustainable Development Goal by improving the physical and mental health of older adults and people with disabilities through fun and motivating exercise. We achieve this by repurposing and optimizing the utilization of existing boring exercise equipment and combining it with VR technology. We collaborate with leading partners, universities, and researchers to document the effectiveness of VR training for the benefit of patients, individuals, and healthcare professionals.

We continually expand the evidence through research studies. Implementation is key to success, and we actively support and participate in the implementation process from start to finish, ensuring a strong foundation with our proven planning tools. More than 30 Danish municipalities, regions, and private healthcare providers are already improving the quality of care and rehabilitation for their older adults and people with disabilities by using our VR solution.

We are proud to collaborate with several world-leading partners who support our vision. Contact us today to learn more about VR training and how it can benefit your organization


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