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Vi finns till för att de alkoholrelaterade problemen blir mindre om alkohol säljs utan vinstintresse.


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Systembolaget AB is a state-owned company in Sweden that has the exclusive right to sell alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content higher than 3. 5%. It was established in 1955 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Systembolaget offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic alternatives. Their products are sourced from various international and domestic suppliers, ensuring a diverse selection for consumers. In addition to selling alcoholic beverages, the company provides information about responsible drinking and health-related aspects of alcohol consumption.

On a global scale, Systembolaget does not have any notable subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships. However, the company has collaborated with various suppliers to create exclusive products for its customers. Systembolaget holds a dominant market position in Sweden as the only retailer with the exclusive right to sell alcoholic beverages above 3.

5% alcohol content. However, it faces competition from cross-border trade, where consumers may opt to purchase alcohol in neighboring countries with lower prices due to tax variations. In terms of sales, Systembolaget reported a turnover of SEK 33.

8 billion (approximately $3. 8 billion) in 2019. The company's market share in Sweden's alcohol retail sector is over 80%.

Its main competitors include grocery stores and online retailers, which are permitted to sell alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content lower than 3. 5%. Throughout its history, Systembolaget has focused on responsible and sustainable alcohol consumption.

They have implemented various initiatives to educate customers about the effects of alcohol and provide support to individuals struggling with substance abuse. As of the latest information available, Systembolaget continues to be a highly regarded alcohol retailer in Sweden. The company regularly updates its product selection to meet changing consumer preferences and follows strict regulations to ensure responsible alcohol sales


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