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Создаем цифровые инструменты для подбора, адаптации, оценки, развития, вовлеченности и аутсорсинга персонала — все, что вам нужно, для принятия эффективных решений.


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TalentTech is a leading brand that provides smart digital solutions for the development of individuals and businesses. With a focus on three key areas - education, personnel management, and self-employment - TalentTech offers innovative tools to help individuals achieve their professional goals and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. They offer comprehensive solutions for talent management and development, online preparation for important exams such as the EGE, OGE, and Olympiads, as well as technology-driven programs to support student and school development.

TalentTech also boasts the largest Russian-language freelance exchange platform, connecting millions of freelancers with potential clients. With a team of experienced professionals and a track record of successful projects, TalentTech is trusted by numerous organizations. Their socially significant and technologically advanced projects have earned them a place among the top 20 most valuable companies in the Russian Internet space according to Forbes.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of TalentTech's digital solutions and explore the latest trends in employment, business transformation, and human capital management through their media coverage. Contact TalentTech today to discover how they can help you unlock your professional potential


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