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På TandDyreklinikken hjælper vi hunde, katte og gnavere med behandling af alt fra tandkødsbetændelse til kompliceret tandkirurgi i mundhulen.


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TandDyreklinikken | Måløv is Denmark's leading specialist clinic for dental treatment in animals. With a focus on dogs, cats, and rodents, our clinic offers a wide range of treatments, from routine dental check-ups to complex dental surgeries. Our experienced team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses are dedicated to providing the best care for your furry friends' oral health.

Common dental problems in pets, such as gum disease, broken teeth, and misaligned bites, can cause pain and discomfort. At TandDyreklinikken | Måløv, we aim to prevent and treat these issues through services such as dental consultations, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, and more. We understand that animals may not always show obvious signs of dental problems, which is why regular check-ups are crucial.

If your dog or cat has bad breath, changes in behavior, or reduced appetite, it could be a sign that they need dental care. Maintaining good oral hygiene in pets not only helps prevent dental diseases but also contributes to their overall health. Visit TandDyreklinikken | Måløv for top-quality dental care for your beloved pets.

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