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Touring Club Schweiz, also known as TCS, is a leading mobility club headquartered in Switzerland. Founded in 1896, TCS has a rich history of providing services and support to its members in various aspects of mobility. The organization aims to facilitate safe and efficient transportation for its members, whether they are on the road, in the air, or on the water.

TCS offers a wide range of products and services to its members. These include roadside assistance, travel services, insurance coverage, driver training, and legal support, among others. The organization's primary focus is on ensuring the safety and convenience of its members during their travels.

While TCS primarily operates within Switzerland, the organization also has a notable presence on a global scale. Through partnerships and alliances with similar clubs worldwide, TCS extends its services and benefits to its members travelling overseas. Noteworthy subsidiaries include TCS Training & Consulting and TCS Solutions.

In terms of market position, TCS is a highly respected and trusted brand in the mobility sector. It has a strong customer base and a significant market share within Switzerland. TCS's commitment to quality services and a customer-centric approach has helped it maintain a competitive edge against other mobility service providers.

Over the years, TCS has achieved several major milestones and made strategic changes to its offerings. Notable achievements include the expansion of its travel services division and the introduction of new digital tools to enhance member experience. TCS has also kept up with emerging trends, such as the growing popularity of electric vehicles, by providing specialized services and information related to this segment.

Currently, TCS continues to be a trusted advisor and advocate for its members, ensuring their safety and convenience in an ever-evolving mobility landscape. They regularly update their services and adopt new technologies to meet the changing needs of their members. TCS remains committed to innovation and providing excellent services to its members, making it a leader in the mobility sector in Switzerland and beyond


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