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Team Olivia är en av de största privata aktörerna som erbjuder omsorgstjänster i Sverige, Norge och Danmark.


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Team Olivia, based in Sweden, is a leading provider of healthcare and social care services. The company was founded in 1990 and has since grown to become a prominent player in the industry. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Team Olivia operates both locally and internationally.

Team Olivia offers a wide range of products and services in the healthcare and social care sector. This includes home care services, assisted living facilities, eldercare, psychiatric care, and rehabilitation services. The company's goal is to provide high-quality and person-centered care to individuals in need.

On a global scale, Team Olivia operates in several countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The company has established various subsidiaries and joint ventures to expand its services and reach. Notable subsidiaries include Livsmedelsteamet, which offers catering services, and Villadorren, which specializes in assisted living facilities.

In terms of market position, Team Olivia has a strong presence in the healthcare and social care sector. It is a trusted brand known for its commitment to providing excellent care services. The company has a significant market share and competes with other major players in the industry.

Over the years, Team Olivia has achieved several milestones and notable achievements. In 2015, the company acquired Livsmedelsteamet, expanding its service portfolio. This acquisition allowed Team Olivia to offer comprehensive catering services to healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the company has continuously improved its care services and expanded its reach through strategic partnerships and collaborations. Currently, the company continues to thrive and grow. With a focus on innovation and technology, Team Olivia aims to provide cutting-edge solutions in healthcare and social care.

Its commitment to delivering compassionate care sets it apart from competitors. The latest updates or key information about Team Olivia are not available at the moment


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