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Techcombank is now joint-stock commercial bank in Vietnam.


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Techcombank, also known as Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank, is one of the leading commercial banks in Vietnam. Founded in 1993, Techcombank has its headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services to its customers.

These include personal banking services such as deposits, loans, credit cards, and insurance. Techcombank also provides corporate banking services including working capital financing, trade finance, and cash management solutions. Additionally, the bank offers investment banking services such as private equity investment, capital market activities, and mergers and acquisitions advisory.

On a global scale, Techcombank has formed several partnerships and joint ventures to expand its operations. One notable joint venture is with HSBC, called Techcombank - HSBC Finance, which focuses on providing consumer finance services in Vietnam. It has also partnered with leading international financial institutions such as Bank of America and Cathay Financial Holdings.

Techcombank enjoys a strong market position in Vietnam. It is the largest private sector bank in the country in terms of total assets. The bank has been recognized for its exceptional performance and innovation, receiving numerous awards and accolades.

In 2018, Techcombank was named Best Bank in Vietnam by Euromoney and Best Bank in Vietnam by FinanceAsia. It has also achieved an impressive return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE), showcasing its solid financial performance. Techcombank has made significant strides in its growth strategy.

In recent years, the bank has focused on digital transformation, investing heavily in technology and innovation. It has revamped its product lineup, introducing innovative digital banking solutions to enhance customer experience. The bank has also expanded its branch and ATM network across Vietnam, ensuring accessibility to its services.

As of the latest updates, Techcombank continues to strengthen its market position and financial performance. Its continuous investment in technology and customer-centric approach has allowed it to remain a leader in the Vietnamese banking industry. The bank is committed to providing comprehensive financial solutions to meet the needs of its customers and contribute to the development of Vietnam's economy


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