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Tech Nation is a national network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs - offering growth programmes, visas for exceptional talent from overseas, digital entrepreneurship skills, resources, news and events.


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Tech Nation is a prominent brand that serves as a national network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs in the UK. They offer a wide range of products and services to support the growth and success of tech startups and businesses. Tech Nation's growth programmes cater to tech entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, including early stage, mid stage, and late stage.

They have specialized programmes for various sectors such as fintech, applied AI, and net zero. These programmes provide valuable resources, mentorship, and opportunities for networking and collaboration. For those looking to enhance their digital skills or industry knowledge, Tech Nation offers a diverse range of resources.

They provide training courses, a digital business academy, guides, and a comprehensive diversity and inclusion toolkit. They also offer support for international expansion and collaboration within the fintech industry. Tech Nation plays a crucial role in enabling tech talent from around the world to work in the UK through their Tech Nation Visa.

They have an active alumni network and publish annual reports that provide valuable insights into the UK and global tech ecosystem. With a strong presence across various regions in the UK, including the East of England, North West, Northern Ireland, London, and the South East, Tech Nation actively supports and connects tech communities nationwide


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