Tecum is a qualified and independent consulting company that specializes in IT management.


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Tecum is an engineering company specializing in environmental technology. With over 25 years of experience, we provide comprehensive support to our clients in the areas of sound insulation, construction and room acoustics, as well as water monitoring. Our customer base mainly includes industries, businesses, craftsmen, and public authorities such as municipalities, public corporations, and state construction offices.

We are dedicated to assisting you with your projects and challenges. Our wide range of services includes consultation and assessment during construction planning and approval processes, facility monitoring, resolving complaints, and handling legal proceedings. In the field of sound insulation, we conduct emission and immission measurements, provide computer-assisted forecast calculations, and perform location analyses.

Additionally, we offer room acoustic planning, measurement of reverberation time in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3382, optimization of room properties, speech intelligibility improvement, and reduction of echo. Our expertise in building acoustics covers consultation during the planning phase, component design, measurements according to DIN EN ISO 140-4, proof of sound insulation according to DIN 4109, and protection against external noise. Furthermore, we specialize in water monitoring, including landfills, groundwater, percolation, and surface water, with services ranging from sampling and analysis to reporting, hydrogeological assessments, and investigations of contaminated sites.

We also provide expert assistance in the management of approval processes, such as preparing application documents, coordinating with authorities, managing specialized departments, planning schedules, and ensuring smooth process handling. To get in touch with us, please contact Tecum GmbH, located at Heisinger Str. 12, 87437 Kempten, Germany, or reach us via phone at +49 831 5753 938 and fax at +49 831 6972 2909.

You can also email us at info@tecum-umwelt. de. For further details, please visit our website


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